Math 2043   Calculus III

Spring 2018

Go there to find the list of the homework problems, review problems for each exam (appear one week before the exam), and other important documents.

Important Dates
  • The first day of classes: Tuesday, January 16
  • The last day to drop/add (tuition refund available): Monday, January 29
  • Spring Break: Monday, March 5 - Sunday, March 11
  • The last day to withdraw (no refund): Wednesday, March 21
  • The last day of classes: Monday, April 30

James Stewart: Calculus: Early Transcendentals; 8th Edition, Cengage Learning
You can find information about available buying options here.

We will cover most of the sections in Chapters 12 - 16.
Chapter 12:  Vectors and the Geometry of Space
Chapter 13:  Vector Functions
Chapter 14:  Partial Derivatives
Chapter 15:  Multiple Integrals
Chapter 16:  Vector Calculus

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There will be two common midterm exams and a comprehensive common final exam. The dates are:
Test 1:
Wednesday, February 21,  5:50 PM - 7:20 PM
Test 2:
Wednesday, April 11,  5:50 PM - 7:20 PM
Final Exam: Thursday, May 3,  3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Your instructor will inform you how regularly you will have in-class quizzes and how often the homework will be collected.

Calculator Policy
No calculators, including cell phone calculators, will be allowed on the exams and on most of your quizzes.

Grading Policy
Your Course Average score will be computed according to the following scheme:
Test 1 Test 2 Quizzes/HW Final Exam
26% 26% 12% 36%

Correspondence between the scores and the letter grades:
0-49 50-54 55-64 65-69 70-72 73-76 77-79 80-82 83-86 87-89 90-92 93-100
F D- D D+ C- C C+ B- B B+ A- A

Get Your Grade
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