Giovanni Gravina

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Temple University

Spring 2023
Instructor for Math 1042: Calculus II
Fall 2022
Instructor for Math 2943: Honors Calculus III
Spring 2022
Instructor for Math 2101: Linear Algebra
Fall 2021
Instructor for Math 1941: Honors Calculus I

Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2019
Lead TA for Matrices and Linear Transformations
Fall 2017
Grader for Measure and Integration
TA for Differential Equations
Fall 2016
TA for Calculus II
Fall 2015
TA for Matrices and Linear Transformations
Spring 2015
TA for Multidimensional Calculus
Fall 2014
TA for Calculus in Three Dimensions
Spring 2014
TA for Differential and Integral Calculus
Grader for Principles of Real Analysis II
Fall 2013
Grader for Linear Algebra I