Curriculum Vitae

Coordinates Genealogy
My entry at Mathematics Genealogy Project
1983-1996   Basic school education
1996-1997Social service as emergency medical technician
1997-2000University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Undergraduate studies in Technomathematics (minor: physics)
2000-2001Lawrence Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley, CA
2001-2006University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Graduate studies in applied mathematics
2006-2009 MIT, Cambridge, MA
Instructor of Applied Mathematics
2009-2015Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics
2015-present  Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics
2017-present  Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Director, Center for Computational Mathematics and Modeling
2003                 Diploma Dipl.-Math.techn. (MSc), Certificates of Mathematics International and ECMI
Thesis: Optimal prediction in molecular dynamics
2006Dr.rer.nat. (PhD)
Thesis: M-matrices in meshless finite difference methods
Awards and Support
2001Otto A. Wipprecht Fellowship
2003-2006Fellowship by the German Research Foundation in the Graduate college Mathematics and Practice
2008-2013 NSF grant DMS-0813648, Capturing subgrid structures with level set methods
2010-2013 NSF grant DMS-1007899, Collaborative Research: Phantom traffic jams, continuum modeling, and connections with detonation wave theory
2011-2014 NSF grant DMS-1115269, Collaborative Research: Numerical approaches for incompressible viscous flows with high order accuracy up to the boundary
2013-2016 NSF grant DMS-1318641, A computational framework for atherosclerotic plaque growth simulations
2013-2016 NSF grant DMS-1318709, Collaborative Research: Gradient-augmented level set methods and jet schemes
2013 Greenshields Prize by the Committee on Traffic Flow Theory & Characteristics, Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences
2015-2018 NSF grant CNS-1446690, CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Control of vehicular traffic flow via low density autonomous vehicles
2016 Dean's Distinguished Excellence in Mentoring Award, College of Science and Technology, Temple University
2017-2020 NSF grant DMS-1719640, Collaborative Research: Overcoming order reduction and stability restrictions in high-order time-stepping
2018 PA Dept. of Agriculture grant, An integrative approach to model, predict, and control the Spotted Lanternfly invasion meltdown in Pennsylvania
2018-2019 PA Dept. of Agriculture grant, Furthering computational approaches for modeling, predicting and controlling Spotted Lanternfly invasion and its economic impact
2020 US Dept. of Agriculture grant, Linking field biology and mathematical modeling to predict spotted lanternfly spread and optimal control
2020-2022 DOE grant DE-EE000887 (EERE, VTO), CIRCLES: Congestion Impact Reduction via CAV-in-the-loop Lagrangian Energy Smoothing (lead: UC Berkeley)
2020-2023 NSF grant DMS-1952878 (CDS&E-MSS), Flexible and Scalable Moment Method Simulations for Radiation Transport and Nuclear Medicine Applications
Personal Interests
 Ultimate frisbee, soccer, skiing, travels