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I am professor of Mathematics at Temple University.https://math.temple.edu/.  You can find some of my recent papers on arXiv.org, and most of the published ones on MathSciNet. To see who might have read these papers, you should look at Google Scholar. Some talks and non-pure-mathematical papers can be found on SlideShare.net, and some random commentary on current political, economic, and mathematical topics are on my twitter feed.

This term (fall 2014) I am teaching an undergraduate Combinatorics class, and a graduate Computation class. The web sites for both of them are here.

In addition, I am co-organizing the Temple Geometry Seminar,  and the Penn-Temple Probability Seminar. 

I am also on the Editorial Boards of Geometraie Dedicata, IMRN, and Experimental Mathematics

More on my checkered past can be found on Igor Rivin Wiki page, or, for real masochists, on my full CV.

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