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My Erdos number: I co-authored "Truth Tables And Inference Rules" along with Hugues Leblanc and George Weaver, Reports On Mathematical Logic, 1977. Fortuitously Weaver co-authored a paper with Ralph Mckenzie, who co-authored a paper with Saharon Shelah, who co-authored a paper with Paul Erdos. This gives me an Erdos number of 4! That's four, not four factorial.

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A Little Puzzle

Each of the six expressions - 8y, 6x, 8z, 7w, 7x, 6w - will disappear when focused upon. Stare at one and check below to see if the occult ocular software has guessed your choice.

Missing Expression!
Wow, 2015 Is a Palindromic Year, Equals 11111011111 in Binary "Illuminati" quotes Check out the fourth one; I won't debunk. ;-) Twitter "War"" - Neil deGrasse Tyson and John Allen Paulos Lewis Carroll and Mathematical Ideals of John Allen Paulos Mathematics and Humor: John Allen Paulos and the Numeracy Crusade