Inserting Voice Links into a PDF

This page explains how to insert links in a PDF so that clicking on them makes the computer say something. The instructions below only work on a Mac, and only if your PDF is generated via $\LaTeX$.
  • macOS comes with a shell command say -v Anna, which, when fed with a text string, will be spoken by the Mac in Anna's voice. See the man page for details. The command say -v ? lists all voices available in the system.
  • Create a shell script that contains the say command, including whatever text you want spoken.
  • Download the shell script
  • Run This produces the Mac app Place in a location where your $\LaTeX$ file can access it.
  • In your $\LaTeX$ file, insert \href{}{Anna} and typeset.
  • Clicking on Anna in the resulting PDF will make the Mac say aloud in Anna's voice whatever text you placed in
  • This doesn't work on all PDF viewers. This works using Skim and TexShop but not Preview.
  • .