Faycal Chaouqui


Faycal Chaouqui, Ph.D.

Departement of Mathematics, Temple University.

Address Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6094, USA
Tel. (215) 204-80-four-four
Email Faycal.Chaouqui(at)temple(dot)edu
Homepage http://www.math.temple.edu/~chaouqui


I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in applied mathematics at Temple university working under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Szyld. Before joining Temple, I was a PhD student at the University of Geneva  working under the supervision of Prof. Martin Gander and Prof. Kevin Santugini.  


Research interests

My research interests lie on parallel iterative solvers for linear systems and in particular designing scalable domain decomposition solvers for large linear systems that arises from the discretization of PDEs. Currently, I am focusing on developing robust domain decomposition solvers for both synchronous and asynchronous frameworks.

Publications and Preprints