Mathematical Genealogy

The family tree that supports my mathematical family goes pretty far back:


Ph.D. Year

Thesis Title


David Futer 2005 Angled Triangulations of Link Complements Steven Kerckhoff
Steven Kerckhoff 1978 The Asymptotic Geometry of Teichmüller Space William Thurston
William Thurston 1972 Foliations of Three-Manifolds which are Circle Bundles Morris Hirsch
Morris Hirsch 1958 Immersions of Manifolds Edwin Spanier, Stephen Smale
Stephen Smale 1957 Regular Curves on Riemannian Manifolds Raoul Bott
Raoul Bott 1949 Electrical Network Theory (!) Richard Duffin
Richard Duffin 1935 Galvanomagnetic and Thermomagnetic Phenomena Harold Mott-Smith, David Bourgin
David Bourgin 1926 Intensities of the Lines of the Hydrogen Chloride Fundamental Band Edwin Kemble, George Birkhoff
George Birkhoff 1909 Asymptotic Properties of Certain Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Boundary Value and Expansion Problems E. H. Moore
E. H. Moore 1885 Extensions of Certain Theorems of Clifford and Cayley in the Geometry of n Dimensions H. A. Newton
H. A. Newton 1850 Michel Chasles
Michel Chasles 1814 Simeon Poisson
Simeon Poisson 1800 Joseph Lagrange
Joseph Lagrange 1755 Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler 1726 Johann Bernoulli
Johann Bernoulli 1694 Jacob Bernoulli
Jacob Bernoulli 1687 Gottfried Leibniz
Gottfried Leibniz 1666 Disputatio Inauguralis De Casibus Perplexis In Jure Erhard Weigel
Erhard Weigel 1650 De ascensionibus et descensionibus astronomicis dissertatio

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