Creating a Seminar Series

To add a talk to an existing seminar series, see Resources > Toolbox > Adding Seminar Talks. To add a new seminar series, please e-mail the department chair and ignore the rest of this page.

All folder paths below are relative to the DOCROOT = /www/apache. Seminar series are each stored in a folder /events/seminars/sem where sem is the seminar series name. The introduction in each seminar web page is stored in /events/seminars/sem/.intro and is editable by anyone in the Unix group sem. Current seminar series names with hashtag #sem are #colloquium #grosswald #algebra #analysis #applied #numbertheory #awm #bigideas #geometry #globalanalysis #gradanalysis #gradsem #probability #mathclub #numbers #special .

To create a new seminar series, first

su - apache
then create a new folder /events/seminars/sem with a short lowercase name sem. WARNING: seminar folder names /events/seminar/sem must be distinct from conference folder names /events/conferences/conf. Make a Unix group sem, add users to it, and make the folder /events/seminars/sem owned by apache:sem and 2755.

This folder will contain year subfolders, each named /events/seminars/sem/yyyy. In /events/seminars/sem create files

.title containing the seminar's full name
.intro containing the intro that appears on each displayed page
index.html containing the three lines
	<!--#include virtual='/cgi-bin/get_header' -->
	<!--#include virtual='/cgi-bin/get_current_year_seminars' -->
	<!--#include virtual='/cgi-bin/get_footer' -->
The files .title and .intro may contain HTML or LaTeX. The files .title and .intro and index.html are owned by apache:sem and have permissions 0644 and 0664 and 0444 respectively (.intro editable by the group sem).

That's it. Here's how the set up works.

The file /events/seminars/sem/index.html pulls seminar talks for the current year for this seminar from gcal, and updates the file /events/seminars/sem/yyyy/index.html, where yyyy is the current year. Once yyyy is past, the file /events/seminars/sem/yyyy/index.html is no longer updated.

Introductory text in displayed pages is pulled from the file /events/seminars/sem/.intro. The seminars are ordered by the file /events/seminars/.order. Typically we leave Colloquium and Grosswald as the first two then alpha order the rest.