Page A


This is what is displayed when the file dir1/dir2/a/index.html is downloaded to your web browser. Note the heading "Page A" above appears automagically and is the contents of the file dir1/dir2/a/.title.

Note the link "Page A" in the link heading is explicitly

<a href='/more/toolbox/html/dir1/dir2/a/'>Page A</a>

The href URL does not include "index.html", as the browser inserts that automagically. Also note the href URL does not include the protocol (https) nor the server ( as these are inherited from the current page.

The contents of this file are

<!--#include virtual='/cgi-bin/get_header' -->

<!--#include virtual='/cgi-bin/get_dir_heading?uri=/more/toolbox/html/dir1/dir2/' -->


<!--#include virtual='/cgi-bin/get_footer' -->