Recent Graduates

A list of PhD recipients since 1999

Name Title of dissertation Adviser Post-PhD affiliation
Zhi Li Principles of calcium wave propagation in neurons: computational study and derivation of empirical laws, August 2021 Queisser Odessa College, Texas
Narek Hovsepyan Quantification of stability of analytic continuation with applications to electromagnetic theory, August 2021 Grabovsky Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Abhijit Biswas Structure-optimized and order-preserving methods for advection and time stepping, May 2021 Seibold KAUST
Ramy Yammine Representations and actions of Hopf algebras, May 2021 Lorenz Dexai Robotics
Chia-Han Chou Time-inhomogeneous quantum Markov chains, August 2020 Yang Axtria - Ingenious Insights
Najmeh Salehi Realistic off-ramp coupling conditions for macroscopic highway network models, August 2020 Seibold Penn State University
Joshua Finkelstein Accurate Langevin integration methods for coarse-grained molecular dynamics with large time steps, August 2020 Seibold Los Alamos
Thomas Ng Uniform Exponential Growth of Non-Positively Curved Groups, May 2020 Futer Technion
Rabie Ramadan Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Second Order Traffic Models, May 2020 Seibold Temple University
Xinli Yu Multiple Interval Methods for ODEs with an Optimization Constraint, May 2020 Szyld Amazon Research
Yilin Wu Mathematical models of biofilm in various environments, August 2019 Klapper Digipen Institute of Technology
Luca Pallucchini Metasurfaces and waveguides in optics, May 2019 Gutierrez Consulting Actuary at EY
Timothy Morris Some non-abelian covers of knot complements with non-trivial Alexander polynomial, May 2019 Stover New York Institute of Technology
Zachary Cline Extending actions of Hopf algebras to actions of the Drinfel’d double, May 2019 Walton Bucknell
Farhan Abedin Harnack inequality for a class of degenerate elliptic equations in non-divergence form, August 2018 Gutierrez Michigan State University
José C. Garay Asynchronous Optimized Schwarz Methods for Partial Differential Equations in Rectangular Domains, August 2018 Szyld Louisiana State University
Nayeong Kong Convergence Rates of Spectral Distribution of Random Inner-Product Kernel Matrices, May 2018 Rider Lehigh University
Kathryn Lund A New Block Krylov Subspace Framework with Applications to Functions of Matrices Acting on Multiple Vectors, May 2018 Szyld EPF Lausanne
William Worden Veering triangulations: theory and experiment, May 2018 Futer Rice University
Kai Zhao Quantum random walks on fractals, May 2018 Yang
Elif Altinay-Ozaslan Deformation quantization over a Z-graded base, August 2017 Dolgushev Kastamonu University
Hussein Awala Singular integral operators associated with elliptic boundary value problems in non-smooth domains, August 2017 Mitrea Wake Forest University
Michael Ratner Quantum Walks and Structured Searches on Free Groups and Networks, May 2017 Yang
Adam Jacoby On Representation Theory of Finite-Dimensional Hopf Algebras, May 2017 Lorenz LinkedIn
Dianbin Bao Identities between Hecke eigenforms, May 2017 Stover University of Notre Dame
Geoffrey Schneider Recursively generating formality quasi-isomorphisms with applications to deformation quantization, May 2017 Dolgushev
Eric Stachura Generalized solutions to some problems in electromagnetism and geometric optics, April 2016 Gutierrez Haverford College
Matt Lagro A Perron-Frobenius Type of Theorem for Quantum Operations, July 2015 Yang Temple University
Ahmad Sabra Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Optical Surfaces, June 2015 Gutierrez University of Warsaw
Christian Millichap Mutations and geometric invariants of hyperbolic 3-manifolds, May 2015 Futer Linfield College, Oregon
Scott Ladenheim Constraint Preconditioning of Saddle Point Problems, April 2015 Szyld University of Manchester
Brian Paljug Deformation complexes for algebraic operads and their applications, April 2015 Dolgushev Education & Outreach Specialist University of Virginia
Zhou, Dong High-Order Numerical Methods for Pressure Poisson Equation Reformulations of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations, August 2014 Seibold Temple University
Hamm, Jessica Multiplicative Invariants of Root Lattices, August 2014 Lorenz Winthrop University
Gidelew, Getnet Topics in Harmonic Analysis on Combinatorial Graphs, May 2014 Pesenson Richard Bland College of William & Mary
Shank, Stephen Low-Rank Solution Methods for Large-Scale Linear Matrix Equations, May 2014 Szyld MIT
Fan, Shimao Data-Fitted Generic Second Order Macroscopic Transportation Traffic Flow Models, August 2013 Seibold University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Daughton, Austin A Hecke Correspondence for Automorphic Integrals with Infinite Log-Polynomial Periods, May 2012 Knopp Temple University
Hegg, Meredith Exact relations and links for fiber-reinforced elastic composites, May 2012 Grabovsky Harvard University
Soodhalter, Kirk Krylov Subspace Methods with Fixed Memory Requirements: Nearly-Hermitian Linear Systems and Subspace Recycling, May 2012 Szyld Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Austria
Dobbins, Michael Representations of Polytopes, May 2011 Rivin Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Hanson-Hart, Zachary A Cauchy Problem with Singularity Along the Initial Hypersurface, May 2011 Mendoza Temple University
Xiong, Sheng Stochastic differential equations: some risk and insurance applications, May 2011 Yang Edward Waters College
Osborne, Charles Some Aspects of the Theory of the Adelic Zeta Function Associated to the Space of Binary Cubic Forms, May 2010 Datskovsky Temple University
Fritzsche, David Overlapping and nonoverlapping orderings for preconditioning, May 2010 Szyld WestLB
Mawi, Henok The refractor problem with loss of energy, May 2010 Gutierrez Howard University
Bitew, Worku Sufficient conditions and higher order regularity for local minimizers in the calculus of variations, May 2008. Grabovsky Farmingdale College
Wang, Linhong Noetherian Skew Power Series Rings, 2008 Letzter Southeastern Louisiana University
Du, Xiuhong Additive Schwarz Preconditioned GMRES, Inexact Krylov Subspace Methods, and Applications of Inexact CG, June 2008 Szyld Alfred University
Elhashash, Abed Characterizations of Matrices Enjoying the Perron-Frobenius Property and Generalizations of $M$-Matrices Which May Not Have Nonnegative Inverses, September 2008 Szyld Drexel University
DeSario, David Polyhedral Sums and Theta Series, 2007 Robins Georgetown College
Liu, Zhongzhi Quantum random walks under decoherence, 2007 Yang Edward Waters College
Zhang, Kai The Limiting Distribution of Decoherent Quantum Random Walks, 2007 Yang University of Pennsylvania
Mengesha, Tadele Sufficient Conditions for Local Minimizers in Calculus of Variations, 2007 Grabovsky Coastal Carolina University
Gimenez, Jose Fourier Coefficients of Vector-Valued Modular Forms of Negative Weight and Eichler Cohomology, 2007 Knopp Temple University
Kahssay Abdulkadir, Mussa Some Limits of Quantum Walks on the Hypercube and Decoherence of Grover's Search Algorithm, 2006 Yang Montgomery College
Adwan, Ziad On Boundary Values of Solutions in Involutive Structures, August 2006 Berhanu University of Texas at Brownsville
Raji, Wissam Generalized modular forms representable as Eta products, August 2006 Knopp American University of Beirut
Liu, Chao-Bin Quantum Random Walks on One and Two Dimensional Lattices, August 2005 Yang Bowie State University
Taylor, Karen Analytic Continuation of Vector-Valued Eisenstein Series, May 2006 Knopp Hunter College
Wen, Xiangdong Rigorous Experimental Mathematics Applied to the Goulden-Jackson Method, Construction of Symmetric Chains and the Sprague-Grundy Function, May 2005 Zeilberger Wolfram Research
Mammo, Behailu A Mean Value Theorem for Discriminants of Algebraic Extensions of an Algebraic Number Field, May 2005 Datskovsky Hofstra University
Van Truyen, Nguyen On Monge-Ampere Type Equations Arising in Optimal Transportation Problems, May 2005 Gutierrez Akron University
Butler, Melanie On Some Degenerate Deformations of Commutative Polynomial Algebras, 2004 Letzter West Virgina University
Tesemma, Mohammed Seid Reflection Groups and Semigroup Algebras in Multiplicative Invariant Theory, August 2004 Lorenz Spelman College, Atlanta, GA
To, Hansun Homogenization of Dynamic Materials,  August 2004 Grabovsky Worcester State College, MA
Sun, Xinyu Computer-Assisted and Computer-Generated Research in Combinatorial Games and Pattern-Avoidance,  April 2004 Zeilberger Texas A&M University
Yayenie, Omer Hyperbolic convexity of a standard fundamental domain of a subgroup of a Hecke discrete group, July 2003 Knopp Murray State University
Birmajer, Alberto Polynomial detection of matrix subalgebras, May 2003 Letzter Nazareth College
Pathak, Jawahar The Cohen-Macaulay property of multiplicative invariants,  May 2003 Lorenz Lincoln University
Gurita, Cristian On some degenerate boundary value problems, August 2002 Mendoza D'Youville College
Russo, Daniel Hecke-Weil correspondence on conjugate groups, August 2002 Knopp Dickinson College
Renault, Marc Computing generators for rings of multiplicative invariants, July 2002 Lorenz Shippensburg University
Tournier, Federico W2,p estimates for a linearized  Monge-Ampere equation, July 2002 Gutierrez Instituto Argentino de Matematica (IAM), Argentina
Xu, Jianjun Studies of some high order finite/spectral element methods for viscous incompressible flow, April 2001 Liu Simon Fraser University
Loveridge, Clark Measures of planes separating convex bodies in R^3, October 2001 Grinberg  Community College of Philadelphia
Lyansky, Yan Phase transition for the hard-core stochastic ising model, October 2001 Yang Lafayette College
Al-Rasasi,  Ibrahim A Mean Value Theorem for Class Numbers of Quadratic Extensions of Function Fields, August 2001 Datskovsky King Fahd University
Ludwick, Kurt Congruence restricted modular forms, July 2001 Knopp Salisbury University
Nekoranik, Paul Line bundles over b-holomorphic complex curves,  May 2001 Mendoza Bank One
Hartenstine, David Regularity of a class of weak solutions to the Monge-Ampere equation, May 2001 Gutierrez Western Washington University
Vogel, Judith FQMR: A flexible quasi-minimal residual method with inexact preconditioning, April 2000 Szyld Virginia Commonwealth University
Tefera, Akalu Improved algorithms and implementations in the multi-WZ theory, August 2000 Zeilberger Grand Valley State University
Beck, Matthias Arithmetic properties of rational polytopes ,  July 2000 Robins San Franscisco State University
Cheng, Yun Probability and mathematical finance, July 2000 Yang Private sector
Edlin, Anne Extensions and applications of the Goulden-Jackson method to self-avoiding walks, July 2000 Zeilberger La Salle University
Wang, Cheng High order numerical methods for incompressible flow, May 2000 Liu U Mass Darmouth
Johnston, Hans Efficient computation of viscous incompressible flow, May 1999 Liu U Mass Amherst
Robertson, Aaron Some results in Ramsey theory, April 1999 Zeilberger Colgate University
Tokoly, Loretta Frobenius reciprocity and Grothendieck groups of Hopf Galois extensions,  April 1999 Lorenz Howard Community College