Mid Atlantic Numerical Analysis Day 2011

A conference on numerical analysis and scientific computing for graduate students and postdocs from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Keynote Speaker

Lisa Fauci,
Pendergraft Nola Lee Haynes Professor of Mathematics,
Tulane University,

Waving rings and swimming in circles: some lessons learned in biofluiddynamics

The Conference

This one-day meeting will start at 10 AM to allow same-day travel.
It will be held in Room 617 Wachman Hall, Temple University, 1805 North Broad street, just north of Montgomery Avenue (see directions on right margin).
It will be a opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to present their research, and to meet other researchers.
Contributed talks will be 15 minutes each.

There will be no registration fee. In order to guarantee appropriate space in the lecture rooms, we ask every participant to please register in advance (even if you are not planning to give a talk).

Conference Book of Abstracts and Program

You can download the Conference Book of Abstracts and Program.

Conference Poster

You can download a small conference poster.

Registration and/or Abstract Submission

The abstract submission deadline is over. Please do register if you would like to attend the event without giving a presentation, using this registration form.


9:20- 9:50Registration and coffee
9:50-10:00Opening remarks
10:00-11:00Presentations (Eigenvalues and Other Spectral Properies of Matrices)
11:00-11:10Questions and discussion
11:10-11:25Coffee break
11:25-12:40Presentations (Modeling and Numerical Methods)
12:40-12:50Questions and discussion
14:00-15:00Keynote lecture (Lisa Fauci)
15:00-15:15Coffee break
15:15-16:30Presentations (Numerical Analysis for PDE)
16:30-16:40Questions and discussion
16:40-16:55Coffee break
16:55-17:55Presentations (Solution of Linear Systems)
17:55-18:05Questions and discussion
18:05-18:15Closing reamrks
19:00-21:00   Group dinner (attendence optional)


Eigenvalues and Other Spectral Properies of Matrices
Tiara DanielleTurnerDelaware State University A mixed finite element method for Helmholtz transmission eigenvalues
FeiXueTemple University Local convergence analysis of several inexact Newton-type methods for general nonlinear eigenvalue problems
MinghaoWuUniversity of Maryland Lyapunov inverse iteration for identifying Hopf bifurcations in models of incompressible flow
MertGurbuzbalabanNew York University Fast algorithms for computing the stability radius of a matrix
Modeling and Numerical Methods
FeiyuChenDelaware State University Partial volume simulation in software breast phantoms
PrinceChidyagwaiTemple University Discontinuous Galerkin method for 2D moment closures for radiative transfer
QuanDengUniversity of Delaware Tear film with moving boundary condition
ShimaoFanTemple University Traffic flow simulations on road networks
AzizTakhirovUniversity of Pittsburgh Improved accuracy in regularlization models of incompressible flow via adaptive nonlinear filtering
Numerical Analysis for PDE
QifengLiaoUniversity of Maryland Effective error estimators for low order elements
Duk-SoonOhNew York University Domain decomposition methods for Raviart-Thomas vector fields
Christopher WilliamMillerUniversity of Maryland Stochastic collocation with kernel density estimation
FangZengDelaware State University An inverse electromagnetic scattering problem for cavity
ChanghuiTanUniversity of Maryland Hierarchical construction of bounded solutions of divU=F in critical regularity spaces
Solution of Linear Systems
Edward GeoffreyPhillipsUniversity of Maryland Block preconditioners for an exact penalty viscoresistive MHD formulation
StephenShankTemple University Overlapping blocks by growing a partition with applications to preconditioning
Claudio E.TorresUniversity of Delaware Fast and accurate Stokes' approximation for hydrodynamic interactions
KirkSoodhalterTemple University Block Krylov subspace recycling

Hotel Information

Blocks of rooms have been set aside at two area hotels for the evenings of Thursday 3 November, and Friday 4 November 2011.

In both cases, reservations need to be made by 4 October 2011.


Email: naday -at- temple.edu



Benjamin Seibold and Daniel B. Szyld


Sponsored by the Department of Mathematics, College of Science and Technology, and The Graduate School, Temple University



Coffee Breaks, Discussions, Dinner

All photos by Benjamin Seibold.