• Professor of Instruction
    Associate Chair
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Temple University

Maria Lorenz is a Professor of Instruction in Mathematics. She has been a full-time faculty member in the Mathematics Department since 2001.  Lorenz has earned several awards for teaching, mentoring, and service, including the Lindback Distinguished Teacher Award, Temple University Outstanding Faculty Service Award, the College of Science and Technology Award for Student Mentoring, and the Steven Petchon Award for Distinguished Teaching.  Currently, she is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Mathematics Department.  Within the Mathematics Department, Lorenz has served as an academic advisor to undergraduate students, faculty advisor for the undergraduate Math Club for the Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter. As a member of the Provost’s Teaching Academy, Lorenz has also enjoyed the opportunity to teach and mentor graduate students in mathematics as they earn the university’s Teaching in Higher Education certificate.  In addition, Lorenz has had the privilege of participating in, as well as facilitating, many events at the Center for the Advancement for Teaching, where she is a Faculty Fellow.   Beyond the university, Lorenz, together with her colleague, Irina Mitrea (Chair of the Mathematics Department),  has organized numerous outreach events for middle and high school students.  Outside of work, Maria Lorenz loves to spend time with her husband and three children, cook, swim, bike, and read; her favorite place to do all of those things is in Truro on Cape Cod.